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Just when you think the festivities are over in Italy, along comes La Befana. Older than Santa Claus, she is a knobbly, and frankly frightening, old witch who brings children socks stuffed full of sweets and chocolates. Of course, responsible Mummies have to dip into the sock and free their children from the temptation to gorge themselves silly.

However, all that diligent mothering has left me decidedly plump. My jeans are so tight that I almost grabbed a 20 year old pair of elasticated trousers from the back of the wardrobe...OK that's a lie, I did grab them. What the hell, no-one's going to see me up on the hill. Wrong!

In Italy, guaranteeing splendid isolation isn't that simple, especially as everyone has some relative with an old 4x4 Fiat Panda.
So as soon as I slipped my uber comfy slacks on, I hear;
“Mummy, there's a man and his wife outside carrying wine.”

Most people with free time go to the zoo, go to a museum, or take the kids to the park but in our valley, people visit us. You see, we are a curiosity. We do strange things like grow raspberries, eat whenever we feel like it and our kids don't wear thermal vests when it's 20 °C (68 F).
Don't get me wrong we are likeable curiosities...I think.

Anyway, my heart sank as I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, forgot about my ever-so glamourous slacks and bounded to the door.
“Ciao Kate” Long pause. “Oh sorry are you sick? Were you in bed?”
“No, no just about to wash my hair actually”.
“Oh you are good doing it yourself. Oh and I see you've dyed your hair!”

Desperately trying to change the subject, I invited my unexpected guests in for a drink. Of course, no-one in the Valtiberina could possibly drink outside meal times apart from me, so I was the only one left to steady my nerves with their homemade Vin Santo. An extremely thoughtful and very welcome gift I might add, seeing as they showed up with no advanced warning.
They left and I felt flat and yes, fat.

Then, I found Dan the Man with the Master Plan.

Apart from eating raw food and juicing everything in sight, he is an advocate of rebounding. Lucky for me as Santa bought my daughter a trampoline!

So every morning, I crank the music up on my i-pod, really shove the earphones into my ears and bounce for 30 mins. I think it's working. My cells are definitely more oxygenated and as for my lymphatic drainage system i.e. my cellulite...

Listen, it makes me smile, I can't stop laughing at myself and more importantly, it'll give people another reason to come and visit!

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LindyLouMac 22/01/2011
Good to meet you .Calling by from italytutto, delighted to discover another expat blogging about life in Italy. A great way to exercise, I find I cannot do without my Wii for exercise during the winter especially!
Marsha Middleton 21/01/2011
One of the best things I have read in a long time! You go - girl!
Grace Lewis 21/01/2011
great stuff!
Stephanie Merritt 20/01/2011
I love love love your blog. Witty and interesting. The story about your hair and the lipstick gave me a good chuckle being a hairdresser for many years.
Laura from Ciao Amalfi 20/01/2011
I love Christmas in Italy ... but it sure is hard on the diet with the insane amounts of wonderful food. :-) Keep bouncing and having fun ... that's the best way to deal with all the little adventures of life! :-)
Catherine Sanders 20/01/2011
Hi Kate! I love your blog! It's witty and it makes me rather envious. I found your name interesting as in the same as Prince William's fiancee! But apart from that I admire you; going off to Italy and doing all the things that you love to do. I come from Pretoria, South Africa and really love your lifestyle! So good luck with the Italians in Tuscany and your business!
Kathy@TheGardenCatCottage 20/01/2011
I know the feeling all to well. I started my diet yesterday and although my friend tried to corrupt me with margaritas and queso dip I remained strong. How could I cheat on a diet my first day. Now I am trying to find cohorts that will play tennis with me. They are all scared to play sinced I boasted of the first place ribbon I won in 3rd grade some 30 + years

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