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I'm Kate. I'm married and have two children.  I used to work in TV in London and Brussels. Not super glamorous but I did have my fair share of power suits! I now don a pair of Hunter wellies and stomp around our fields as a farmer. Think Ruby Thewes with a twist of Julie Powell and that's me!


OK we're a little biased when it comes to raspberries but they are an amazing fruit. They're juicy, sweet AND they're really good for you: they have no fat, saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol they are high in fibre, vitamin C, potassium and folate they are super low in calories they help lower high blood pressure. We are about to plant 1,674 plants. A huge investment but...

olive oil

The olive trees were the reason we fell in love with our house. They surround the property like a protective arm. Our house nestles amongst 200 trees, made up of two different varieties of olive – the Moraiolo and the Lecchino. Until recently, we have pressed our extra virgin oil  for ourselves but this year, we are going to try and sell it commercially. It's good and peppery but...


Connie is a pedigree Weimaraner from Sicily. As she is Sicilian, we named her after Constanzia "Connie" Corleone from The Godfather. In the film, Constanzia Corleone marries Carolo Rizzi, someone her father Don Corleone greatly disapproves of. Like her namesake, Connie also had a relationship her parents disapproved of. He was a rough hunting dog who scoured the hills for truffles, she...

wild boars

I love them and am surrounded by them! I also love to eat them. Especially a mature male stewed in Juniper berries and Chianti – fab! Check out my Wild Boar stew recipe in Recipes.


And after the wild boars, there is Sergio. Sergio hunts wild boar on a regular basis, correction he hunts anything on a regular basis - small birds, deer, hare, you name it, he's shot it. He is a huge bear of a man who shouts. His voice booms with a barrage of “You should do this, Ooooo you don't want to do that.....”. He's a great neighbour and friend. I've often called him in the...
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